industrial zone

Located on the purple zone of Chachoengsao, BP Industrial Park is an area especially for factory foundation. The property is endorsed by many strong factors that allow investors to build their business, with vast area for sale, for rent, or for store merchandise. Not to mention full public utility and facilities and the team of counselors to provide you with important advice for those new face investors who want to establish business at BP.




BP INDUSTRIAL PARK can support Thai industry’s rapid growth rate as well as foreign investment, started from SME type business, of growing demand. In the property, area is divided for large warehouse to be built (size: large- 4,000 m2, medium- 2,000 m2, small- 1,000 m2) and for factory foundation which each investor can totally customize until it materialize his needs.

Particularly for those businesses involving automobile spares, BP Industrial Park has the bridge leading directly to the gate No.3 of Toyota Ban Pho automobile factory.

In case of increasing needs for storage, that BP locates next to Toyota Ban Pho makes it easy to reduce cost and risk that may happen in certain situations.

Because BP is the property for factory foundation in the area of purple zone, considered to be the center of all kind of transportation, we allocate the whole land in to many zones so that there are many areas to meet different kinds of investors and residences’ requirements.


The vast area is allocated into zones: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G according to the following picture.