bussiness opportunities

  • Tax free privilege

    Thanks to endorsement from city plan, our location is on the approved industrial area. (Depending on the category of your business / within the duration of 1-8 years)

  • Transportation

    Next to highway No.314 with up to 8 traffic routes, the property is the center of transportation with convenience. This is truly a strategic location for any kind of shipping for it leads to all kinds of distribution channel like harbor, airport, and train station.

  • Near The Capital

    The property locates near Bangkok, Chachoengsao, Chonburi, and the border of Sa Kaew. Facilities and abundant public utility (like convenient stores, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, restaurants, etc.) can be found around the area as well.

  • Never been flooded

    Not to mention drainpipe system, up to the present time, the land has never been harmed by flood. This therefore is considered a bigger advantage over what other areas could offer.

  • Energy bank

    As a large power plant adjacent to the river, Bang Pakong powerhouse (of 22KVA based on electrical standard) can help reduce blackout and power failure. As a consequence, this truly provide key benefit for whatever industry that banks on a great deal of electricity.

  • Residence

    We always manage residence in the property in order to satisfy the all-time increasing needs. From more than 300 units apartments (which will expand in the forthcoming future) to a building of more than 36 units located in front of the property, this can effectively help soothe many problems regarding residence inadequacy.

  • Factory

    Located on a large area in the purple zone especially for industry establishment and factory foundation, at the heart of all kind of transportation, we offer you benefits that can encourage both investors and residents in several aspects.

  • Commercial building

    As a place for relaxation, our commercial buildings are aesthetically designed in conformity with the surroundings outside. Moreover, they can strongly support high demand both inside and outside the property.

  • Growth Rate

    With its perfect location next to automobile factory Toyota Ban Pho, BP Industrial Park also has enough areas to achieve your industrial needs whether to ship or store merchandise Besides, thanks to the advantages purple zone offers and Chachoengsao’s growth rate, the property can be developed into the center of AEC business as far as distribution of certain industry is concerned.

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Due to its capability to satisfy industrial needs including rapid growth rate of Thai business, BP Industrial Park is considered a perfect fit for any kind of investment. Near to Bangkok- main source of labor and never harmed by freshet, the property with abundant public utility locates at the heart of all kind of transportation that endorse distribution to the eastern part of Thailand.

BP Industrial Park: 99 Village No. 1 Klong Prawet Ban Pho Chachoengsao 24140

phone: 080-652-2222
fax: 038-130000
email: [email protected]