• Electricity and water supply

    BP INDUSTRIAL PARK  Based on national standard, BP Industrial Park’s electrical system is at 22KVA, sufficient for the whole property. Besides, the fact that our location is close to Bang Pakong powerhouse can greatly relieve the trouble regarding insufficient electricity. In terms of water supply, we use drainpipe of the size 8”x6”, according to standard drainpipe system. Investors are able to utilize these utility by direct payment under the company’s name.

  • Commercial Building

    BP INDUSTRIAL PARK  At BP Industrial Park, there are commercial buildings with modern design enough to support the growth rate of investors both inside and outside the property. These buildings can also meet demand because of atmosphere creating the sense of relaxation.

  • TAX Privileges

    On the location supported by benefits offered by purple zone, the property is in the district that industrial enhancement can be easily apply. According to the Ministry of Industry, it depends on the category of your business in between 1-8 years.  

  • Green Zone

    BP INDUSTRIAL PARK We emphasize the concept of always creating leisure atmosphere in the property. The green zone for recreational purpose is built in accordance with resident’s lifestyle, both in the apartment and shop house. Thus, this vast area of green zone is truly for relaxation suitable for any recreational activity of your choice.